Primary care networks

What are primary care networks?

GP practices are working together in their areas in groups of practices as primary care networks (PCNs) with health, community, mental health, social care, and voluntary services.

Each of the PCNs across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are based on GP registered patient lists. They serve communities of 30,000 to 50,000 people. PCNs are small enough to provide the personal care valued by both people and GPs. They are also large enough to have impact and economies of scale through better collaboration between GP practices and others in the local health and social care system.

PCNs are led by clinical directors who may be a:

  • GP
  • general practice nurse
  • clinical pharmacist
  • other clinical profession working in general practice

Watch the video below to find out more about the concept of PCNs and how they help services work together to provide better access for patients.

Primary care networks in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Our PCNs are broken down by integrated care area (ICA). Download a map of PCNs in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (PDF, 596 KB)


1. Penwith

Population of 66,487. The clinical director is Dr Dan Rainbow.

  • Atlantic Medical Group (L82038): 11,766 people registered.
  • Bodriggy Health Centre (L82036): 11,953 people registered.
  • Marazion Surgery (L82047): 7,162 people registered.
  • Morrab Surgery (Y01051): 10,170 people registered.
  • Rosmellyn Surgery (Y01050): 7,225 people registered.
  • Stennack Surgery (Y01922): 12,054 people registered.
  • Sunnyside Surgery (L82070): 6,157 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Marazion Surgery.

2. Isles of Scilly and south Kerrier

Population of 33,700. The clinical director is Dr James Tait.

  • Helston Medical Centre (L82018): 13,858 people registered.
  • Isles of Scilly Health Centre (L82017): 2,381 people registered.
  • Meneage Street Surgery (L82059): 6,295 people registered.
  • Mullion and Constantine Group Practice (L82056): 8,220 people registered.
  • St Keverne Health Centre (L82057): 2,943 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Mullion and Constantine Group Practice.

3. North Kerrier west

Population of 38,775. The clinical director is Dr Matthew Whiteley.

  • Carn to Coast Health Centres (L82041): 30,969 people registered.
  • Praze-an-Beeble Surgery (L82068): 7,806 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Carn to Coast Health Centres.

4. North Kerrier east

Population of 31,030. The clinical director is Dr Andrew Craze.

  • Harris Memorial Surgery (L82620): 5,736 people registered.
  • Leatside Health Centre: 16,800 people registered.
  • Veor Surgery (L82044): 8,494 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Veor Surgery.


5. Falmouth and Penryn

Population of 48,176. The clinical directors are Dr Mark Morris and Dr Isabel Boyd.

  • Falmouth Health Centre (L82049): 9,243 people registered.
  • Penryn Surgery (L82006): 20,628 people registered.
  • Trescobeas Surgery (L82052): 10,864 people registered.
  • Westover Surgery (L82622): 7,441 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Penryn Surgery.

6. Truro

Population of 36,998. The clinical director is Dr Andy May.

  • Lander Medical Practice (L82001): 20,479 people registered.
  • Three Spires Medical Practice (L82028): 16,819 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Lander Medical Practice.

7. Coastal

Population of 28,704. The clinical director is Dr Kate Embling.

  • Carnon Downs Surgery (L82061): 6,039 people registered.
  • Chacewater Surgery (L82015): 6,291 people registered.
  • Perranporth Surgery (L82013): 7,806 people registered.
  • St Agnes Surgery (L82054): 8,568 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Carnon Downs Surgery.

8. Arbennek Health

Population of 31,812. The clinical director is Dr Rawlins Murthy.

  • Brannel Surgery (L82011): 5,462 people registered.
  • Clays Practice (L82051): 13,292 people registered.
  • Probus surgery (L82045): 9,212 people registered.
  • Roseland Surgeries (L82048): 3,846 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Clays Practice.

9. St Austell Healthcare

Population of 36,861. The clinical director is Dr Stewart Smith.

  • Mevagissey Surgery (L82025): 5,012 people registered.
  • St Austell Healthcare (Y04957): 31,849 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is St Austell Healthcare.

10. Watergate

Population of 49,164. The clinical director is Dr Dominic Brown.

  • Narrowcliff Surgery (L82029): 15,239 people registered.
  • Newquay Health Centre (Y02517): 16,860 people registered.
  • Petroc Group Practice (L82023): 17,065 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Watergate Primary Care Network Limited.

North and east

11. Three Harbours and Bosvena Health

Population of 43,198. The clinical directors are Dr Dale Staff and Dr Michael Waldron.

  • Bosvena Health (L82010): 23,431 people registered
  • Fowey River Practice (L82035): 8,091 people registered.
  • Lostwithiel Medical Practice (L82039): 5,102 people registered.
  • Middleway Surgery (L82026): 6,574 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Wadebridge and Fowey River Practice.

12. North Cornwall coast

Population of 21,442. The clinical director is Dr Beth McCarron.

  • Bottreaux Surgery (L82058): 4,803 people registered.
  • Port Isaac Practice (L82003): 8,832 people registered.
  • Wadebridge and Camel Estuary Practice (L82004): 7,807 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Wadebridge and Camel Estuary Practice.

13. Coast and country

Population of 16,737 in Cornwall. The clinical director is Dr Chloe Carey.

  • Bradworthy Surgery (L83012): 2,975 people registered (Devon).
  • Neetside Surgery (Y01127): 5,947 people registered.
  • Ruby Country Medical Group (Holsworthy Medical Centre) (L83069): 15,195 people registered (Devon).
  • Stratton Medical Centre (L82008): 10,890 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Ruby Country Medical Group.

14. East Cornwall

Population of 71,682. The clinical director is Dr Penny Atkinson.

  • Oak Tree Surgery (L82016): 16,639 people registered.
  • Old Bridge Surgery (L82022): 9,801 people registered.
  • Port View Surgery (L82066): 6,747 people registered.
  • Quay Lane Surgery (L82043): 4,545 people registered.
  • Rame Group Practice (Y00969): 11,889 people registered.
  • Rosedean Surgery (L82050): 9,641 people registered.
  • Saltash Health Centre (L82046): 12,420 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Rame Group Practice.

15. Launceston and Tamar Valley

Population of 35,852. The clinical director is Dr Amit Dhulkotia.

  • Launceston Medical Centre (L82030): 19,081 people registered.
  • Tamar Valley Health Centre (L82012): 16,771 people registered.

Payee for this PCN is Tamar Valley Health Centre.

16. Practices not yet in a PCN

Population of 6,740. The clinical director is Nick Kaye.

  • Camelford Medical Practice, Dr Nash (L82007): 3,531 people registered.
  • Churchfield Practice, Dr Garrod (L82618): 3,173 people registered.

What is a payee practice?

A payee practice is the receiving practice for PCN funds. The payee practice distributes funds accordingly to the rest of the practices in their network.

Practice list sizes correct as of 1 January 2022.

NHS England network contract

Each PCN is working hard to deliver on the national NHS England network contract that commenced in July 2019 and continues to March 2024.

This includes the following areas of focus:

  • anticipatory care
  • cardiovascular disease prevention and diagnosis
  • enhancing health in care homes
  • early diagnosis of cancer
  • neighbourhood inequalities
  • personalisation
  • structured medication review

Additional roles reimbursement scheme

PCNs are recruiting staff through the additional roles reimbursement scheme to help deliver the requirements of the network contract. To complement the additional work of delivery on this network contract, PCNs are recruiting a range of staff, including the following roles:

  • advanced practitioner
  • care coordinator
  • chiropodist or podiatrist
  • clinical pharmacist
  • community paramedic
  • dietician
  • first contact physiotherapist
  • health and wellbeing coach
  • mental health worker
  • nursing associate
  • occupational therapist
  • pharmacy technician
  • physician associate
  • social prescribing link worker
  • trainee nursing associate

Page last reviewed: 26 July, 2022

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