Pharmacy, dentistry and optometry commissioning

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From April 2023, all Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will have delegated responsibility of NHS England pharmaceutical, ophthalmic and dental (POD) functions.

Giving ICBs responsibility for a broader range of functions, will enable us to design services and pathways of care that better meet local needs and priorities.

ICBs will have greater flexibility to integrate services across care pathways, ensuring continuity for patients and improved health outcomes for the local population.

Locally, preparations are underway to establish a Collaborative Commissioning Hub with NHS England South West and the seven Integrated Care Boards in the region, including NHS Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Staff working within the Collaborative Commissioning Hub will work with ICB staff to deliver pharmacy, optometry and dentistry commissioning.

This change is a significant milestone towards the move to a system-based approach to improvement and stronger partnership working as set out in the NHS England operating framework

For more information, visit the commissioning page on NHS England’s website

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